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Go Green is a leading Leakproof and Airtight Lunchbox which comes in 3 sizes and can be purchased single or in a set with a bottle, ice pack and insulated lunch bag.  The Lunchbox is available in 4 colours and the Lunch bags are available in numerous patterns.  The best thing about the Go Green is that you can replace the parts and not have to replace the lunchbox over time.

Lunch Box: The turn ‘n lock technology ensures food stays fresh and with silicone bands around each compartment to ensure a secure leak-proof seal for all 5 sections.  The lunch box fits snug inside the lunch bag.  The lunch box is made of polypropylene and silicone.  The clips on each side are made from silicone to ensure the lunch box lasts for years.

Lunch Bag: The stylish insulated carry bag features a pocket to hold reusable napkins and eating utensils, and a whiteboard to write messages for your loved one.  Measuring approximately 33x20x5cm.

Drink Bottle: 100% stainless steel bottle fits neatly into the lunch box or if you want to utilise that compartment for food, keep the bottle separate.

Go Green Original is 8 Cup Capacity in size with 5 Sections

Go Green Medium is 6 1/3 Cup Capacity with 4 Sections

Go Green Snack is 4 1/2 Cup Capacity with 5 Sections

Go Green have designed dividers to suit the Original and Medium Sized Lunchboxes to help add versatility to the lunchbox, this allows you to separate food within each section.

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