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Animal Rice & Food Moulds (Onigiri)
Animal Rice & Food Moulds (Onigiri)

Animal Rice & Food Moulds (Onigiri)

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These animal rice (or any mouldable food) moulds make cute bite sized ducks, elephants, bears and bunnies.

Easy to use and cute to eat.


Great for shaping rice, sushi bites, muesli bites, apricot bites, lcm bites, fish fingers, meatballs, chicken nuggets and more.

1. Cook rice as per packet instructions.
2. Remove the base from the mould and fill the mould to the top.
3. Place the base onto the mould and press very firm.
4. Remove the base and flip the mould over. Using the circle insert press the circle down to easily remove the rice / food.
5. The food is ready to be served. If using as a mould for other food items refrigerate them to set the shape.

SIZES (approx.):

  • Bunny : 4.9×5.8×4.3cm
  • Bear : 4.4×4.7×3.3cm
  • Duck : 4.6×5.3×4.3cm
  • Elephant : 4.3×6.1×4.3cm

Imported from Japan 

BPA Free


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