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Foodoodler Edible Markers, 10 Fine Assorted Colours

Foodoodler Edible Markers, 10 Fine Assorted Colours

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Pack Includes red, yellow, orange, green, pink, purple, blue, brown and black food colouring markers.

FooDoodler Fine Line markers are a must for food stylists, cake decorators, caterers and budding artists. Use the FooDoodler fine tip as a cookie decorating tool, sandwich decorator or an edible craft for kids. 

Decorating Tips:

Excellent for fine line writing and decorating cookies, cakes and sandwiches.
Jazz up fruit bowls and vegetable platters by drawing on peach fuzz, citruses, banana skins, carrots, mushrooms, radishes and more.
Delight guests by doodling their names on bread sticks, crackers or ice cream cones.
Create edible masterpieces using stencils to outline a scene on rolls, bagels or pitas - then colour in your design!

FDA Approved.

Imported in the USA.

Certified Kosher.

Markers work best on smooth, hard and dry food surfaces.

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