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Hello Kitty Rice Mould & Stamper Set

Hello Kitty Rice Mould & Stamper Set

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This kit includes 3 rice molds, 2 stampers (nori punch) and a combination cutter which are very simple to use. You won't need more than a few minutes to make cute Onigiri (shaped rice) for lunches and dinners.


  • Cook your rice, using the absorption method. We recommend to use a sticky Japanese rice for an easier process.
  • Place a rice ball into the mold with handle: this will be the basis for your onigiri. Press down the top of the mold to create your shaped Onigiri.
  • Use the nori punch and the cutting board to cut features / details.
  • It's ready!

This product is not Microwave-safe nor Dishwasher-safe.

Imported from Japan

BPA free

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