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Microwavable Pig & Elephant Bento Snack Boxes - Set of 2

Microwavable Pig & Elephant Bento Snack Boxes - Set of 2

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This set of 2 small square bento snack boxes is microwavable without lid, containers hold 245ml and 140 ml. Great for snacks on the go or reheating small amounts of leftovers.

This bento snack box does not require a bento strap or elastic belt to keep the lid tight. These bento boxes are small and great for snacks, and small side dishes.

The bento snack box is microwave safe without lid for warming purposes.

SIZES (in cm):

Bento Box Size S: 8.25 Long x 8.25 Wide x 4.45 Deep (Capacity: 245 ml)

Bento Box Size SS: 7.0 Long x 7.0 Wide x 3.8 Deep (Capacity: 140 ml)


- Bento Snack Box Main container - Polypropylene

- Bento Snack Box Lid - Polystyrene

Imported from Japan

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