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Takeaway Food Picks
Takeaway Food Picks

Takeaway Food Picks

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These cute little food picks add colour and fun to your child's food. Instead of having the real thing why not jazz up your healthy foods with these fun little takeaway food picks.

Ideal for use with fruit, sausages, eggs, meatballs, etc easy and fun to eat.

Each pack contains 8 food picks: 2 hamburgers, 2 sandwiches, 1 hot dog, 1 fried chicken, 1 french fries and 1 drink.

SIZES (approx. in mm):

Hamburger : 45.8×14.2×14

Sandwich : 46.3×18×7.5

Hot dog: 44.3×20×10

Fried Chicken : 51.5×17.5×8

French Fries : 48.7×11.6×7

Drink : 51.3×11×11

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