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Car & Fish Egg Mould
Car & Fish Egg Mould
Car & Fish Egg Mould

Car & Fish Egg Mould

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From a plain old boring boiled egg to a car or fish. 

It's very easy if you follow these simple instructions:

  1. Cook a hard boiled egg, be sure to stir the eggs at the beginning to ensure the yolk is nice and centred
  2. Peel the egg while it's hot
  3. Place the egg into the mould, close the lid gently and don't worry if it splits a little this is normal
  4. Ensure the clips are done up tight
  5. Place in a bowl of cold water for 10 minutes
  6. Remove egg from mould and serve

Perfect for lunchboxes and salads

You can also use them to shape rice

Imported from Japan

BPA Free

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