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Chick & Star Rice & Food Moulds (Onigiri)

Chick & Star Rice & Food Moulds (Onigiri)

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These rice moulds make cute little chick and star shapes. Great for shaping soft foods such as chicken nuggets, fish fingers, muesli bars, lcm bars, etc.

Also ideal for making ice cream sandwiches, remove the base and cut the cookies then place the base back on, place the base biscuit in then ice cream and then the top biscuit, press down firmly using the pressing out stick. Remove the base and press the ice cream sandwich through. Very easy.

Easy to use and cute to eat.

SIZES (approx.):

  • Chick : 4.0×4.5×8.7cm
  • Star : 4.5×4.5×8.7cm

Imported from Japan 

BPA Free 

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