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Personalised Allergy Vinyl Labels

Personalised Allergy Vinyl Labels

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Trendy Lil Treats now offer personalised high quality vinyl labels.

Simply choose your allergy type, there are 9 options plus Custom for personalised allergy text. Black Vinyl is the standard background colour, the text will be the colour of the product you are placing the label on.

Label size comes standard at 6.3cm round, if you require a different size please contact us for a custom label.


  1. Simply wipe down your lunchbox or drink bottle surface to ensure it is clean (to avoid dust or lumps under your label).
  2. Remove the backing paper from your sticker, leaving the clear front sticker and name intact. Discard the backing paper.
  3. Line your label up where you want it to go and press it down at one end, using a hard object (cardboard or credit card) gently wipe over the label as you slowly lay the sticker down onto the object. It is best not to put the entire label on at once as you can end up with bubbles, work it from one end for perfect results.
  4. Once completed remove the top clear sticker and you are ready to use your personalised item.
  5. Do not dishwasher for 24 hours after applying. Dishwasher safe up to 60 degrees, not recommended for heavy duty loads.


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