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Sachi Insulated Wine Purse - Leopard Grey

Sachi Insulated Wine Purse - Leopard Grey

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These stylish bags are fully insulated thanks to a food-safe EVA interior, so your wine will arrive at its destination crisp and cool. 

Insulated Wine Purse Charcoal features:

  • Designed in the USA.
  • Made from polyurethane.
  • BPA free.
  • PVA, lead and phtalate-free, with a leak-proof lining.
  • Insulated lining.
  • Handles make the carrying and transportation process easier.
  • Interior design and material keeps the bottle cold for hours.
  • Inner coating is food safe.
  • Lightweight finish.
  • Zippered closure.
  • Extra compartment design to store other items.
  • Fits one standard wine bottle.
  • Sachi logo on the front side of the bag.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Colour: mixed.
Dimensions: 36cm (l) x 15cm (h) x 10cm (w).

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